"beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle"

Heather Dorigo

“My secret weapon is a powerful cleanser to perfectly clean my face, ensuring my skin is kept as healthy as possible and that my skincare regime works to maximum effect.”

I always admired my glamourous mother growing up as she always had such a strict skincare regime… which she continues even to this day. Like mother, like daughter.. I followed in her footsteps and started my ‘love affair’ with skincare at an early age.

In 2002 as a young mother with three children I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an auto immune illness which left me with various allergies and susceptibilities particularly with regards to my skincare regime. As my search began for hypoallergenic skincare products I discovered a range from France which was effective, of clinical grade/standard, yet contained no nasties and was safe to use on my skin. My skin calmed dramatically and this was the start of my journey. I become the UK distributor for this brand and my business was born, supplying products to aesthetic clinics across the country.

Clean skin is the foundation to a healthy, glowy complexion and my ultimate dream was to produce my own brand to deliver the best results in the most convenient format so people could quickly, easily, keep skin in best condition. Skin Matrix HD. Powerful micellar water cleansing pads thoroughly clean and prepare my skin ready for my favourite products. These three amazing cleansing options, which contain no oil, no fragrance and no parabens, are a treatment in themselves.

Expertly formulated and perfectly designed “Your beauty treatment in a cleansing pad”.

Heather Dorigo